Japanese Movies – Subtitles Request List – Eric Paroissien: Current_List_

Using Twitter: @EricParoissien to announce briefly the translations.
Farewell to Jinu (2017)
Farewell to Jinu (2017) 75%

Farewell to Jinu (2015) [AsianWiki] (Chin.Subs) JPN subs

the Woman from the Sea (1959)
The Woman from the Sea (1959) 海底から来た女 Imdb Letterboxd Mubi WalkerPlus Eiga Filmarks YahooMovies Mukasieiga

映画を書き写す日本人は必要があります。 eric.paroissien@gmail.com

PLEASE HELP US (even if you don’t know Japanese)

Kako: My Sullen Past (2016) ふきげんな過去   伤心往事   9.5/10 [Avistaz] [AsianWiki] (Chin.Subs)

(Subbed??)the Low Life (2017) Imdb
Fareastfilms (Chin.Subs)

Satoshi no seishun (2016) 聖の青春 Youtube En.Wikipedia Moonlight Avistaz Dorama Asianwiki (Chin.Subs)
Twisted Justice (2016) 日本で一番悪い奴ら    9/10 [Avistaz] [AsianWiki] (Chin.Subs)
Life and Death On the Shore (2017) 海辺の生と死    6.9/10 {AsianWiki} (Chin.Subs)

(A translator is working on this movie) Parks (2017) パークス      8.8/10 {AsianWiki} {NewAsianTv} (Chin.Subs)

Samurai Hustle Returns 超高速!参勤交代 リターンズ Asianwiki Avistaz Imdb Youtube Eiga
Hamon Yakuza Boogie 破門 ふたりのヤクビョーガ Asianwiki Avistaz Eiga Kinenote Movie Chin.Subs
Setoutsumi (2016) セトウツミ     9/10 [Avistaz] [AsianWiki] (Chin.Subs)
At Home (2015) (110 min)(reconstructed family)アットホーム  9.3/10 [Avistaz] (Chin.Subs)
Double Life(2016):  二重生活        8.7/10 {Avistaz} {AsianWiki} (Chin.Subs)
Round Trip Heart (2017) title:ロマンス      7.2/10 {AsianWiki} (Chin.Subs)

Somebody’s Xylophone (2017) だれかの木琴    谁的木琴    8.7/10 {AsianWiki} JPN subs

Taiyou (2016) 太陽  9.1/10 {Asianwiki} (Chin.Subs)
My Uncle (2016) ぼくのおじさん    9.1/10 {Asianwiki} (Chin.Subs)

Nowhere Girl (2015)  東京無国籍少女       7.3/10 {Avistaz}

Three Stories of Love (2015) 恋人たち 6.6/10 {Asianwiki} (Chin.Subs)

(A translator is working on this movie) Birds without names (2017) 彼女がその名を知らない鳥たち 9.8/10 {Asianwiki}

Wilderness Part I & II (2017) {Asianwiki} (Chin.Subs)
Opening-night: (2017)はらはらなのか   9.1/10 [Avistaz](Chin.Subs)
Being Good (2015) きみはいい子 Avistaz AsianWiki (Chin.Subs)

The Katsuragi Murder Case (2016): 葛城事件    8.7/10 {Avistaz}

The Actor (2015) {Avistaz} (Chin.Subs)
My Dad and Mr. Ito (2016): お父さんと伊藤さん    8.9/10 [Avistaz] (Chin.Subs)
(2016) A Loving Husband {Avistaz} {Asianwiki} (Chin.Subs)
Black Widow Business(2016) [Avistaz][Asianwiki] (Chin.Subs)
Mother Lake (2016)  {Avistaz} (Chin.Subs)
The Projects (2016)  (Danchi By Junji Sakamoto) {Avistaz} {Asianwiki} (Chin.Subs)

The Big Bee (2015) (138 min) 天空の蜂     9.6/10 {Avistaz}

Natsumi Firefly (2016) 夏美のホタル  9.3/10  {Asianwiki}

Eyes (2015) アイズ [Avistaz] (Chin.Subs)

Her Sketchbook – 世界は今日から君のもの (2017) [AsianWiki]

Unfair : The end (2015) [Avistaz] (Chin.Subs)

The Last Policeman: Recovery of Our Future (2015) S-最後の警官- 奪還 Avistaz
En-Wiki  Asianwiki

65 Replies to “Japanese Movies – Subtitles Request List – Eric Paroissien: Current_List_”

  1. what an amazing list. some of those movies I’ve been waiting forever like 64 and twisted justice. Thank you so much for your hard work

  2. Hi.
    I recently discover ur account here on subscene.
    Thank You for translating all these movies.

    How can I send u the files of subtitles in other languages. To help u sub the movies.

    It’s okay if the sub is not Japanese, can be Indonesian/Chinese?

    Or you don’t need Chinese sub because most of the movies on avistaz have Chinese sub and you only need to extract them?

    1. Hi Miyuki,
      Yes i need all the text material possible.
      Of course, the best possible material is Japanese language scripts (novel/manga?) and subtitles.
      But files in Indonesian, Chinese, Russian (I just used a Polish file for ‘Before We Vanish’), etc. are very good.
      Thank you for your offer.
      Email: eric.paroissien@gmail.com

  3. For a while, only popular romance/teen movies are being subbed . But seeing your last month releases and current request list, really make me happy and hopeful. Thank you very much for your hard work.

  4. Thank you Eric, I have really enjoyed your subtitles for years. I was hoping I could request a movie that has not been subbed yet. Unfair The End. If you have time could you work on it. Thanks!! 🙂

  5. Your subtitles for “Piece of Cake” were wonderful. It was interesting to see Mikako Tabe in a very different role. Your queue of films is very exciting. I look forward to the Fumi Nikaido films that you have on the list. I wonder if you’re considering “This Country’s Sky” (Kono Kuni no Sora) for subtitling.

  6. Thank you so much Eric for all the subs that you made (and for your upcoming projects too)! For these last few years, j-movie fandom kinda had dry state because of so many unsubbed movies (and only the popular ones got subbed), and you’ve really come to the rescue! Plus, I know Japanese films lack Japanese subtitles so looks like it’s harder than the usual. Thanks thanks thanks~

    btw I know you’ve already got long list, but is it okay if request one movie? Since I saw some of Nikaido Fumi’s (I’m big fan of her) films on your list, I want to request this film – A Farewell to Jinu/Jinuyo Saraba (http://asianwiki.com/A_Farewell_to_Jinu). Thank you and good luck for these projects~

    1. Thank you Mark, the translator doesn’t have a perfect style but his understanding is native. I saw that movie twice and the Kyushu dialect is heavy. One technical point, the timing on title 327 has to be corrected like this:
      00:51:09,000 –> 00:51:10,300

  7. Hello, I’ve just finish to watch “Before we vanish” and I’m dying now for seeing the other “Shinryakusha eiga” from Kurosawa : “Foreboding”. This is a suggestion for an eventual new traduction. In any case thank you for your excellent work and the good choice of flicks you decide to traduct.

    1. Hello, Sorry Olrik, I checked your movie and i realized i had already translated it weeks ago, so i added it to the list and I’m in the process of correcting it. So busy i forgot to reply. Thank you for reminding me.

  8. I have sent you an email about these two movies :
    Hitoya ni Saku Hana 2010: (with JAPANESE subs in the attachment)
    Tokyo Refugees: (with Chinese subs in the attachment)

    Thank you for considering!

      1. Yeah, I was surprised to find the Japanese subs included now that I looked again in the folder of the movie! I’m so grateful! Anything more I can do, please do ask.

    1. Hello Pradeep,
      Thank you for your precious help.
      The links you offer compel people to create an account, you should make them available in a simple one-click-download place.
      If you can’t do that I’ll have more time next week and I’ll find them on the Chinese subtitle links i gave at the top of this page (‘PLEASE HELP US’ link).
      I translated 64 a few months back until the scene where they follow a luggage by the river, but that movie is so dark i couldn’t find the motivation to continue. But subtitles requests abound for this movie.

  9. Hi Eric,
    I would like to suggest three films by legendary director Nobuhiko Obayashi (Hausu):
    -Miss Lonely (1985)
    -Casting Blossoms to the Sky (2012)
    -Seven Weeks (2014)

    Thank you and keep the good work 😉

  10. Thank you for working on Shinjuku Swan II!
    Does anyone have the subtitles for The Mole Song: Hong Kong Capriccio (2016)?

  11. Thank you for working on Shinjuku Swan II!

    Any chance on doing Hamon Yakuza Boogie 2017 and Samurai Hustle Returns (2016)?

  12. Eric,

    English subtitles are now available for “Tokyo Vampire Hotel” (it is available on Amazon Prime and it has been released on subscene).

    So you can remove it from the list.

    Thank you for your work on “Shinjuku Swan II”.

  13. I just finished watching “Side Job”. Thanks very much for your subtitles. This was a powerful and disturbing film. I’m embarrassed to say that I was expecting something entirely different based on the description on Asianwiki. Thanks for subtitling an important film like this.

  14. Hello Eric,
    Thank you for your subs, great work!. I really happy to see some movies translated and now happy to see in future projects The Big Bee, I’m waiting the subs so much.
    Could you consider to make subs for the movie S – The Last Policeman: Recovery of Our Future (2015)? The series are translated but nobody picked the movie up.
    Thank you for your work!

    1. Thank you Jesuas, adding it to the list. Many such movies i wish there was a simple way, without downloading, to have a glimpse, watch a few scenes and get a first hand opinion before deciding to translate.

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