-Let’s create a FANSUB volunteer forum
-What do you want in this type of forum?
-We need Chinese/Korean/Japanese (CKJ) talents (please translate this page in CKJ).

-Administrators and programmers.
-Researchers for script, novel/manga, subs in other languages for a specific movie.
-Paypal donation system.
-Please someone find us sponsors they could be regular people or the Chinese Ministry of Culture or the Japanese movie industry, etc.

CKJ native transcriptors, listen to a movie write down what you hear.
-Find a good name for this forum or a motto like “Transmitting Asian Movie Legacy”.
-Need to get natives involved (for example by not imposing English fluency), the fansub world is often isolated from the native ground.
Connect subtitles with learning CJK, for example by offering ‘study subtitles’ bi-lingual or with definition.


-Only movies (translated into ENGLISH) We can consider a documentary (no series) area but no dramas, the (about) 2 hours max size assignment format ensures that one work will be completed.
-Massive archiving of unsubbed movies.

-We can consider hosting past jobs, good, approved English subtitles for movies, even if it’s 20,000 files, it’s only text.
-CHAT areas in CKJ.

-Text only forum, no copyright video issues.
-An area where an old non-copyright movie is cut/fragmented into 800 clips of 3 seconds and anyone can add a subtitle under one clip.
-Shared areas with 2-5 people on one project.

-What did I forget?


For translation we need either:
-The Japanese subtitles (very hard to find).
-The script, manga or novel that the movie was adapted from.
-Other language subs, most of the time Chinese (common).

How do you find Chinese subs?
-Get the Japanese title of the movie from Asianwiki.com or a Google search, a Wikipedia search.

-Here too you can type the English title or the name of an actor to search the title in Japanese, or better, in Chinese: MTime.com

Then search on these two sites:
Zimushe.com  and  Shooter


This Country’s Sky. (2003) [IMDb] (Chin.Subs)

Casting blossoms to the sky はるか、ノスタルジィ (2012) [AsianWiki]


HItoya ni Saku Hana (2010)  獄に咲く花 [Avistaz]  [AsianWiki] JPNsubs(Chin.Subs) (JPN for scan) scanned

Little maestro (2012)  リトル・マエストラ {Avistaz} {Asianwiki} (Chin.Subs)
Homeland (2014) (119 min)祖国       9.8/10 {Avistaz} [IMDb] {AsianMdb} (Chin.Subs)

Amateur Singing Contest (By Kazuyuki Izetsu) (1999)

Make the Last Wish (2008) 最後の願い Avistaz